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Title Contents Date Medieval Provenance
Cambridge, University Library, Ii. 2. 11 + Exeter Cathedral 3501, fols 0, 1-7 Gospels, Manumissions s. xi3/4-xii1 Exeter
Canterbury, Cathedral Library, Additional 20 Rule of Chrodegang fragment s. xi2 Canterbury, Christ Church
Clitheroe, Stonyhurst College, Society of Jesus 69 Bede's Death Song s. xii1 Unknown
Cologny, Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, Bodmer 2 Ælfric's Homily for Septuagesima Sunday s. xi2 Unknown
Dresden, Sæchsiche Landesbibliothek, Dc. 187 + 160 + 186+ 185 Glosses, Names of herbs s. xiimed Unknown
Dublin, Trinity College, 174 (B. 4. 3) Scribble s. xi/xii Salisbury
Dublin, Trinity College, 492 (E. 2. 23) Bede's Death Song s. xiimed, s. xii2 Bury St Edmunds
Durham, Cathedral Library, B. III. 32 Gloss to hymnal, Gloss to monastic canticles, Proverbs, Ælfric's Grammar s. xi2/4, s. ximed Canterbury, St Augustine's
Durham, Cathedral Library, B. IV. 24 Bilingual Rule of St Benedict s. xi2 Unknown
Durham, Cathedral Library, Hunter 100 Liber de medicina compoto et astronomia including Latin-Old English herbal glossary s. xiiin Durham
Durham, University Library, Cosin V. ii. 6 Bede's Death Song s. xiiin Durham
Ely, Cathedral Library, C (or G) 60 Writ s. xii/xiii Unknown
Glasgow, University Library, Hunter 229 Charm for an amulet to cure epilepsy s. xii2 Canterbury?
Gloucester, Cathedral Library, 35 Homilies, Lives of saints s. ximed-xi2 Unknown
Haarlem, Stadsbibliotheek, 188, fol. 53 Continuous Psalter-gloss s. ximed Unknown
Hereford, Cathedral Library, P. i. 17 Glosses s. xii/xiii Cirencester
Hereford, Cathedral Library, P. i. 2 Records of shire-moot and land purchase s. ximed Hereford
Hereford, Cathedral Library, P. v. 1 + Bodleian, E. Mus. 93 (3632) Cædmon's Hymn s. xii1 Unknown
Lawrence, Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Pryce C2:1 Fragment of the Legend of the Holy Cross before Christ s. ximed Worcester
Lawrence, Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Pryce C2:2 (with Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 115) Fragment of Ælfric's Sermo in Natale Unius Confessoris s. xi2 Worcester