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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 367

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Layout Description: 



  • Columns: 1
  • Locus: Text on paper (fols 1-53)
  • Dimensions: 163 x 115; ruled
  • Overview: Pencil ruling.


  • Columns: 1
  • Written Lines: 30-38
  • Locus: Quire 1
  • Dimensions: ca. 170 mm x ca. 103 mm; ruled
  • Overview: Single bounding lines. Ruling with a pencil. Pricks in both margins to guide ruling.


  • Columns: 1
  • Overview: 30-36 long lines (27 lines on fols 17, 29).
  • Locus: Quires 2-7
  • Dimensions: ca. 176 mm x ca. 105 mm; ruled
  • Overview: Single bounding lines in Quires 2 and 3 (except fols 3, 4, 5, 6 which have double bounding lines). Dry point ruling.


  • Columns: 1
  • Written Lines: 43
  • Locus: Quire 8
  • Dimensions: ca. 170 mm x ca. 108 mm; ruled
  • Overview: Annotations and corrections in the margins, some of which have been excised by trimming.


  • Columns: 2
  • Written Lines: 32
  • Locus: Quire 9
  • Dimensions: 193 mm x 120 mm; ruled
  • Overview: In two pencil-ruled columns of 32 lines, the quatrains linked by wavy brackets on fol. 42 (fols 42-44).


  • Columns: 1
  • Written Lines: 22
  • Locus: Quire 10
  • Dimensions: 178 mm x 113 mm; ruled
  • Overview: 22 lines until fol. 48r12 when text is squeezed into lower and right margins. Dry point ruling (virtually incising the parchment).


  • Locus: Quire 11
  • Overview: Quire 11 has a variety of informal copies of texts and pen-trials.
Decoration Description: 

Ink is very dark brown and occasionally made slightly fuzzy by thick parchment. Titles in red rustic capitals with red and/or purple, or green decorated litterae notabiliores. In Quires 2-7 (OE Homilies), the rubrics, written in red rustic capitals, are very difficult to see.


Fols 1-29/19 (paper) 'Epitome chronicae Cicestrensis, sed extractum e Polychronico, usque ad annum Christi 1429.' A fifteenth-century chronicle that is an extract from the Polychronicon, written on paper. Written by one scribe of the s. xv in an informal, splayed Secretary hand. Dates, notae, and flags to events are given in both margins.

Fols 30-53 (paper) 'Breviarum historiae Angliae ad annum quartum Henrici IV. viz 1402'. Beg. 'Albion est terra con [p’ns] In finibus> ortis'. A fifteenth-century short history of England up to 1402, written on paper. Written by one scribe of s. xv in an informal Anglicana hand.

Fols 30r-41r (parchment, Quire 8) Latin text, Logica Quaedam. Begins: 'Que sit res predicamenti relationis per se …'. Written in an Anglicana script of s. xiv in two columns.

Fols 42r-44v (parchment, Quire 9) Latin text, Versus Quidam: Apocalypsis Goliae. Begins: 'A tauro torrida lampade cinthii …'. Text as Wright 1841, p. 1. Written by a s. xiv hand similar to a university bookhand.

Fols 1 2, 7-10 Marginalia in Latin are of s. xiv and refer to the text, De Temporibus.

Fol. 3r Document reading 'Omnibus….Watt. de La Fort(?)…Noueritis me dedisse… Philip. filio meo quatuor croppos… in camp' de Henton… ao v. v. H. Liii… Test. Joh. Jokyn. Le Fraunke | Joh. Wace… | Wace… | Le Fraunke' (James, Parker, and Rogers 1912, p. 201).

Fol. 28r In the top and left margins, the beginning of a document that can be seen on fol. 3r has been practised: 'Sciant pre>sentes et future quod ego' (s. xiv).

Fol. 50v/17 A note of s. xiii reads 'Vesper>us est> grandis interpolatio nubium inter nos et solem'.

At paper fol. 18v, lines 14-16, 23 are underlined in red pencil. Underlining in red pencil also occurs on paper fols 21rv, 26, 27, 28rv, 29v. At paper fol. 30r, in lower right corner, ‘4’ appears in pencil.

    At parchment fol. 45r, a pencil maze appears under the ink in the lowest third of the leaf. Immediately following the minim pen-trials on fol. 51v, a name, 'Henricus' appears. A name '"Hen" Giffard' appears in the bottom margin of fol. 52r.

    Binding Description: 

    Rebound in tan goatskin in 1946.

    Accompanying Material: 

    Pages i-ii and two at the end are paper flyleaves of date of binding (1946).