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Index of Manuscripts Containing French

Place Repository Collection Shelf Mark Ker Content Origin Date Dean
Cambridge Corpus Christi College   23 [31] English glosses and titles added to Latin texts Malmesbury s.ximed, s.xi2 or s.xi/xii  
Cambridge Corpus Christi College   367 [62]; [63]; [64] Homilies, Vision of Leofric, etc. Unknown s.ximed; s.xi2; s.xii  
Cambridge Corpus Christi College   383 [65] Law codes and related texts London, St Paul's s.xiiin 250, 455r
Cambridge Trinity College   B. 15. 34 [86] Homilies Canterbury s.ximed, s.xi2 and s.xii2  
Cambridge Trinity College   R. 9. 17 (819) [89] Ælfric's Grammar, Dicts of Cato, Glosses Unknown s.xi/xii 254-56
Cambridge Trinity College   R. 17. 1 [91] Eadwine Palter Canterbury, Christ Church s.xiimed, perhaps c. 1160 448457
Cambridge University Library   Hh. 1. 10 [17] Ælfric's Grammar and Glossary; Additions Exeter s.xi3/4-s.xiiiin  
Cambridge University Library   Ii. 1. 33 [18] Homilies and lives of saints South East s.xii2  
Glasgow University Library Hunter 229   Charm added to the Hunterian Psalter Canterbury? s.xii2  
London British Library Cotton Claudius D. iii [p. xix] Rule of St. Benedict Wintney s.s.xiiiin 344, 953
London British Library Cotton Faustina A. ix [153] Homilies South East s.xii1 710, 711
London British Library Cotton Faustina A. x [154A]; [154B] Ælfric's Grammar, etc.; Rule of St. Benedict, etc. Unknown s.xi2; s.xii1;s.xii2; s.xiiex  
London British Library Cotton Julius A. ii [158]; [159] Ælfric's Grammar; Dialogue of Adrian and Ritheus, Distichs of Cato, etc. Unknown s.ximed; s.xiimed 254-56
London British Library Cotton Otho C. i, vol. 2 [182] Gregory's Dialogues , Vitas Patrum, etc. Canterbury or Exeter (Pt 1)
Worcester (Pt 2-3)
s.ximed, s.xi2, s.xiii 512
London British Library Cotton Titus A. iv [200] Rule of Benedict Unknown s.ximed 710
London British Library Cotton Titus D. xxiv [201] Formulas for the visitation of the sick Nottinghamshire, Cistercian Abbey of Rufford s.xii2 387
London British Library Cotton Vespasian D. xiv [209] Homilies, etc. Canterbury, Christ Church s.xiimed 254, 255
London British Library Royal 7. D. ii [258] Glosses in OE, Latin and French Canterbury, St Augustine's s.xiimed  
London British Library Stowe 57 [272] Names of letters of the alphabet; glosses in English, French and Latin Peterborough s.xii2  
Oxford Bodleian Library Bodley 730 (2709) [317] Glossaries in Latin, French and English Shropshire, Buildwas Abbey s.xii/xiii 307
Oxford Bodleian Library Hatton 76 [328] Pt A: Translation of Gregory's Dialogues (fragments)
Pt B: Translation of Herbarium of Pseudo-Apuleius and Medicina de quadrupedibus
Old English glosses
Worcester s.ximed, s.xiii1  
Oxford Bodleian Library Hatton 115 [332] Homilies, etc. Unknown s.xi2, xiiimed; ex; s.xiiiin 368-79
Oxford Bodleian Library Laud Misc. 636 [346] The Peterborough Chronicle Peterborough s.xii1, s.xiimed 13
Oxford Bodleian Library Rawlinson C. 641 [348] Glosses, and proverbs in Latin, French and English Kentish s.xii2, xii/xiii 260, 261, 508
Oxford Jesus College   26 [355] Names of familial relationships in English and French Cirencester s.xiimed  
Paris Bib. Nat. Lat. 8846 [abraham 419] Glosses to The Paris Psalter; The Anglo-Catalan Psalter Canterbury (?) s.xii2 448
Salisbury Cathedral Library   150 [379] Continuous gloss Salisbury s.xi/xii 445-53
Wells Cathedral Library   7 [395] Rule of St. Benedict Unknown s.ximed 170-72