Antwerp, Plantin-Moretus Museum, 16.2 (47 [32])

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M 16.2 (47 [32])

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Old English annotations to a copy of Priscian's Grammar [known as Excerptiones de Prisciano, fols. 2-47] made by a group of 'schoolmen', probably working at the Benedictine abbey of Abingdon, Berkshire, in the late eleventh century. The manuscript, which is mid-eleventh century, consists of 49 folios. It also contains verses in honor of Caesar, Edward the Confessor, and Ælfric (fol. 1), a Latin-Old English glossary added at the beginning of the twelfth century (fols. 3r-4v), Donatus's Ars maior(fols. 4v-17v), Ælfric's Colloquy (fols. 184-19v), a short Latin glossary with two Old English glosses (fol. 48v), andd a letter addressed to 'Aelf' (fols. 48v-49).

The manuscript originally formed one volume with London, British Library, Add. 32246, which contains the first part of Priscian's Grammar, with Ælfric's Colloquy and a Latin-Old English grammar in the margins. These Old English glosses are also in Ælfric's Grammar which, together with the Colloquy in the margins, suggests a connection with Ælfric himself in the manuscripts' compilation (Bremmer 2006).

The same scribes who copied and annotated the two manuscripts mentioned above were also responsible for copying and heavily annotating Antwerp, Plantin-Moretus Museum, 16.8 (Boethius's De consolatione Philosophiae) and Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, 1650 (Aldhelm's De virginitate). Ker 1957, p. 3 suggests that all four manuscripts were from the same scriptorium, and may once have formed a single codex of 242 folios. 

The Latin-Old English glossaries and Latin-Latin glossaries that run throughout the margins of these manuscripts are commonly referred to as the 'Antwerp-London glossaries'. Two hands were responsible for the 6 glossaries in this group of manuscripts: one hand in the Brussels manuscript and five in the Antwerp-London manuscript (Porter 1999b, p. 171).


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Manuscript Items

1. Item: 2rv, 4rv, 8r, 12r, 16r, 20r, 24rv, 28r, 32r, 36r-37r, 40r, 47r-48r

Title: Twenty-two marginal glosses to Priscian's Grammar

Text language: English

Date: s. xiex


Ker 1957, p. 3

Porter 2011 


2. Item: fols. 3r-4r

Title: Latin-Old English glossary, containing 253 glosses

Text language: Latin and English

Date: s. xiiin 


Ker 1957, p. 3 

Porter 2011


3. Item: fols. 48r-v

Title: Two OE glosses to a short Latin glossary

Text: 'forewenednessa' glossing 'insolentiam'; 'widlese', 'goretende' glossing 'passiuis'

Text language: English

Date: s. xiex


Ker 1957, p. 3 

Porter 1999b, p. 173

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220 x 290 mm



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Some red initial letters.

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