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173, fols 1-56

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Part I, The Parker Chronicle and Laws (fols 1-56): a manuscript which may have been originally produced in Winchester, s. ix/x-xi1. The manuscript was at Christ Church, Canterbury, by c. 1070.

Additions and alterations to the Chronicle in Old English, mainly by the scribe of Domitian A. viii, made in Canterbury, s. xi2-xii1 (Ker 1957, p. 59).

A single Canterbury hand of s. xi/xii added to the manuscript a Latin list of popes and the archbishops of Canterbury who were sent the pallium by them, and expanded a Latin list of popes. In s. xii further Latin additions were made to Latin lists of English archbishops and bishops in the manuscript.

Part II, Sedulius, Carmen Paschale (fols 57-83) is from s. viii, with English glosses from s. x-xi (?).

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Manuscript described by Mary Swan and Owen Roberson, with reference to published scholarship (2010; 2013).


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Canterbury Christ Church by c. 1070


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