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Two notes attributed to Coleman in a manuscript made up of two books of homilies, mostly by Ælfric, s. xi1 and the Rule of St. Benedict, s. xi1 (Ker 1957, p. 60).

Page 97 contains the note 'Bysne be drymannum ˥ be anum godan men macharius gehatæn', referring to the text printed in Skeat (1881, I, pp. 470-72).

On page 229, next to Ælfric's comment excusing himself for providing sermons for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Holy Week, as the custom of the church forbids it, is a note signed 'cplfmbn', 'a slightly disguised form' of 'Coleman' 'contrived by substituting consonants for vowels' (Ker 1949, p. 29): 'Ac þis is ne þynceð no us ƿell gesæd. forðy on ælcne timan mon h to læranne ˥ to tihtanne folc to bereoƿsunge. ˥ to ƿirceanne ures drihtenes ƿillan ˥ allra sƿiðost folce is to reoƿsienne on ðissum ðrim dagum. þonne hi gehyrað. hu ure drihten hælend crist ðroƿade for us. Eac biscepas æt heora bisceopstole sæcgað larspel þonne hi lædað in penitentes. ˥ hi doð absolutionem. ˥ sume sæcgað spell of þære crismhalgunge ˥ of þæm balsome' (Ker1949, p. 29; Wanley 1705, p. 121). More notes in this manuscript have recently been attributed to Coleman (Johnson 2010).

Numerous glosses and additions in the 'Tremulous Hand'.

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Manuscript Items
  1. Item: p. 97


    • Title (B.27.1): Directions to Readers by Coleman

      Addition: (p. 97) Bysne be | drymannum 7 be anum godan | men macharius | gehatæn .

      Text Language: English

      Hand: Coleman


      Ker 1949, p. 29


    • Item: p. 229


      • Title: Directions to Readers by Coleman

        Incipit: (p. 229) Ac þis ne þynceð no us well gesæd .

        Explicit: (p. 229) 7 sume sæcgað spell of þære | crismhalgunge 7 of þæm balsome

        Text Language: English

        Hand: Coleman


        Ker 1949, p. 30


      • Item: passim


      Object Description


      Form: Codex


      c. 287 mm x 195 mm (dimensions of all - size of leaf)

      c. 225mm x 130mm (dimensions of pp. 1-270 - size of written space)

      c. 220mm x 132mm (dimensions of pp. 287-457 - size of written space)  

      Foliation/Pagination: Paginated in Parker ian red pencil on rectos, s. xvi: (ix), 1-75, 79-269, 287-457, (459-464)


      Quires: Collation of pp. 1-30, 33-458: 1-188, 19-268, 2710, 288, 294.


      Pages i-iv, 461-4, are paper flyleaves of the date of binding. Pages v-vi, 459-464 are parchment cut from an account roll, s. xvi. Pages vii and viii are medieval, a waste half-sheet ruled for 22 lines, so taken from the unused leaves of the last quire. The eleven leaves between pages 30 and 33 are now in CCCC 198. Pages 31-32 are a supply leaf, s. xvi.

      Layout Description: 22-31 long lines.

      Hand Description

      Number of Hands: 2 from the period 1060 to 1220

      Hand: marginal notes

      • Scope: minor
      • Scribe: Coleman
      • Script: Rustic capitals
      • Description: pp. 97, 299.
      • Summary of the characteristics of the hand: Coleman's notes are generally written in rustic capitals (Ker, 1949, p.30).
      • Language: According to Ker, all but three of Coleman's notes are in Old English (1949, p. 30).
      • Other manuscripts: Other manuscripts containing notes attributed to Coleman:

      Hand: additions

      • Scope: minor
      • Scribe: Tremulous hand
      • Script: English Vernacular Minuscule
      • Description: Extensive additions to the Tremulous Hand.
      • Date: xiii1

      Underlining and markings in red pencil on pp. 50-54, 163 and a table of contents on p. xii by Parker .

      Binding Description

      Rebound in 1953. The previous binding was of s. xviii.

      Additional Information

      Administration Information

      Manuscript described by Elaine Treharne with the help of Hollie Morgan and Sanne Van Der Schee (2010, 2012).


      Digital surrogate: (accessed 18 July 2018)



      Origin The manuscript and the marginal notes are from Worcester (Ker 1957). Provenance Belonged to Parker. Acquisition Bequeathed by Parker to Corpus Christi College in 1575.




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