Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 183

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English land grant of 1071-80. The main text was written in s. x1, and the manuscript was in Northumbria in the tenth century after its donation by Æthelstan to the Lindisfarne community at Chester-le-Street in 934 or 937. Old English addition made in Durham.

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  1. Item: fols 70-92


    • Title (D.5): Latin-Old English Glossary [Bede's prose and verse lives of St. Cuthbert]

      Rubric (initial): (fol. 70r) Haec sunt quae in libello sequenti caraxata suntatquearchana

      Incipit: (fol. 70r) Tetricas obscuritates. lichinos grece.

      Explicit: (fol. 92v) sancticudberhti lindis arensis ae acxxe eposcopidominogratias. amen.

      Note: Nineteen glosses in an otherwise Latin glossary.


      Ker 1957, item 42

      Jaager 1936, p. 380

      Meritt 1945, no. 8


    • Item: fol. 96v


      • Title (B.16.8.4): Congregation of St Cuthbert: List of Plate

        Incipit: (fol. 96v) Tea. calices.ondsex. disces.ondtwoegentig bleod.

        Explicit: (fol. 96v) ondðrea un rinade

        Note: A list of chalices, bowls etc.


        Ker 1957, item 42

        Robertson 1939, no. 4

        Craster 1925, p. 194


      • Item: fol. 96v


        • Title (B.16.8.2): Congregation of St Cuthbert: Grants

          Incipit: (fol. 96v) Walchear bisceop ond Eal sancte Cuðberhtes hyred Sealdan ealdgyðe þæt land æt ðornhlawa

          Explicit: (fol. 96v) ondeac he lænde hyreþætland æt ƿinde gatum ealle ða hƿile þe hyre þearf byð

          Note: The contemporary record of a grant of land by Walcher, bishop of Durham 10701-80 and the congregation of St. Cuthbert.


          Ker 1957, item 42

          Robertson 1939, no. 2

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        Manuscript described by Mary Swan and Owen Roberson with the assistance of Johanna Green, with reference to published scholarship (2010; 2013).


        Digital surrogate: (accessed 18 July 2018)





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