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The second of two volumes of homilies that were probably copied for and used by Wulfstan II, bishop of Worcester 1062-95. The first volume is Hatton 113. The dividion into two volumes occurred earlier than in the early thirteenth century, when Item 20 was added. The continuation begins at Quire 2 (fol. 9r). Quire 1 (fols 1-8) contains contemporary additions. Ker argues that the two volumes were written to accompany Junius 121 (1957, p. 399). The majority of the contents of Hatton 114 are homilies by Ælfric. English and Latin annotations in several hands, ranging from s. xi3/4 to s. xiii1.

Object Description



Support: Parchment. Fols i, 250 and 251 are modern paper flyleaves. Fols 248-49 are added by Dugdale (see Accompanying Material below).


  • 267 mm x 160 mm (dimensions of all - size of leaves)
  • 200 mm x 94 mm (dimensions of all - size of written space)

Foliation/Pagination: Fols i + 248 + iv, foliated (i) + 1-97, 97*, 98-250, (251).


Quires: 1-248, fols 1-191; 258 + 1 after 8, fols 192-200; 26-2810, fols 201-30; 298 wants 6 and 7, fols 231-36; 3010 + 1 after 10, fols 237-47. 5 and 6 in Quires 26 and 30 and 3 and 6 in Quire 8 are singletons.

Catchwords: Franzen reports that 'one catchword, 'þig', partly cropped, is visible in the bottom margin of fol. 135v, the end of quire 27' (1998, p. 37).

Layout Description: Leaves are arranged HFFH. Ruled for 23 long lines. Double bounding lines, right and left. Prickings are usually visible in the side margins and at the top and bottom.

Note: Hatton 113 and Hatton 114 were split by the early thirteenth century, when the table of contents was written in the margins of fols 9v-10r (Franzen 1998, p. 35). Quire 2 continues from the end of Hatton 113. Quire 1 has no running headers and is not included in the thirteenth-century table of contents, and Ker (1957, p. 398) notes that it was 'added at the beginning of MS. 114'. Hatton 114 was therefore not originally in its present order, and Quire 1 was moved to its current position at a later stage; possibly after Hatton 113 and Hatton 114 were separated for binding late in the twelfth- or early thirteenth-century, and some point in the thirteenth century between the writing of the table of contents, which lists the contents from Quire 2 to the end of Quire 30 (not including the leaf added to the end of Quire 30, fol. 247) and the writing of the thirteenth-century title 'Sermones anglici .XXI.' on fol. 1r.

Hand Description

Number of Hands: Several

Summary: The main text in fols 9-201 is by one scribe. Fols 201r/9-30r/17 look to be in another hand which also wrote the additions on fols 236r/1-42v/6 and 1r/1-4v/9. Fols 230r/18-35v/23 and 242v/7-46v/1 are in a different hand. A hand which may belong to Hemming wrote fol. 246v/2-23 and three hands wrote fols 4v/10-20, 5r/1-8v/22 and fols 247r/1-47v/6 in the same period. Coleman wrote marginal notes, two hands added running heads and the Tremulous Hand added some glosses.

Hand: Hand 1

Scope: Main text

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC1

Description: Fols 9r-201r/6. Worcester type.

Summary of the characteristics of the hand: Items 4-41.

  • The shape of the second element of æ is influenced by the letter which succeeds it. e is round-backed or horned depending on its place in the word and the following letter.
  • The descender of þ is notched. Most ascenders except that of þ are clubbed, but some ascenders have wedged clubs and some are wedged; for example, on h and b, in English and Latin.

Other manuscripts: The same hand as in Hatton 113 and probably Junius 121.


Hand: Hand 2

Scope: Major; early additions

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC2

Description: fols 1r/1-4v/9, 201r/9-30r/17 and 236r/1-42v/6 .

Summary of the characteristics of the hand: According to Ker, there is 'perhaps a change of hand' at the beginning of Item 42 (1957, p. 399). This hand then copied Items 43 and 44. Other early additions (Item 1Item 46 and an Latin item in Hatton 113, fol. iir/1-20) are also by the same hand.


Hand: Hand 3

Scope: Early additions

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC (2)

Description: fols 230r/18-235v/23 and 242v/7-246v/1.

Summary of the characteristics of the hand: 'An attractive and unusual hand' (Ker 1957, p. 399). Item 45 and part of Item 47.

  • Caroline a, sometimes with high bow.
  • e is almost round-backed.
  • g is wide and open with long descender.

Ligatures: or ligature is not very straight on the line.

Other manuscripts:


Hand: Hand 4

Scope: Additions

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC (3)

Description: fol. 4v. Item 2. s. xi2. 


Hand: Hand 5

Scope: Additions

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC (4)

Description: fol. 5r-8v. Item 3. s. xi2.


Hand: Hand 6

Scope: Additions

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC (6)

Description: fols 247r-v. Item 48. s. xi2.


Hand: Hemming

Scope: Additions

Scribe: Hemming

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, SC (5)

Description: fols 246v/2-23. Part of Item 47.

Summary of the characteristics of the hand: Possibly the hand of Hemming (Ker 1948, pp. 57, 72). Thickly-written and very upright.

  • The left-hand side of the written area is not parallel to the edge of the membrane (C11 Project: available for limited viewing on the Internet Wayback Machine).
  • The feet of h are vestigial.
  • The ascender of þ is wedged. All ascenders except that of þ are clubbed.

Abbreviations: Nota The angle of the tironian nota is almost 90˚.

Other manuscripts:


Hand: Coleman

Scope: Marginal notes

Scribe: Coleman

Script: Rustic

Ker reference: Ker, item 331, p. 391

Description: fols 11v, 13v, 25r and 27v. Item 49.

Summary of the characteristics of the hand: Unsigned, rustic capitals. A signature '[c]plfman' appears in Hatton 113.


Hand: glosses and alterations

Scope: minor

Scribe: Tremulous Hand

Script: English Vernacular Minuscule

Description: There are several layers of glosses by the Tremulous Hand throughout (Item 50): one in pencil, usually in the margin; one in ink with very small, tidy glosses repeating the pencil glosses over the correct lemmata; one in crayon, usually in the margin but less clear than the pencil layer, and a second ink layer with larger but still reasonably tidy glosses.

Date: s. xiii1

Decoration Description

Headings are in red metallic rustic capitals. Franzen reports that 'the first line of a text is also in metallic red; sometimes [...] in rustic capitals filled with green. Initials are metallic red, blue and green, except in the first quire (fols 1-8) where they are red or metallic red' (Franzen 1998, p. 35).

Binding Description

Rebound in the nineteenth century. Binding leather and very fragile.

Joscelyn wrote a gloss on fol. 18v and marginalia on fols 36v, 42v and 49r, but he did not draw on Hatton 114 for his Anglo-Saxon word lists. Dugdale wrote a table of contents on fol. 248 in 1644. 'Saxon | Homilies tom: 1' is written in the upper margin of fol. 1r in the same hand as one which adds titles to other Hatton manuscripts. In the lower margin a different hand has written 'MS. Junius | 22'. This is now crossed out, and 'Hatton 114' is written in pencil alongside it in a modern hand.

Additional Information

Administration Information

Manuscript described by Mary Swan and Helen Foxhall Forbes with the assistance of Hollie Morgan and Owen Roberson. (2010; 2013).


Franzen, Christine, Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile (Tempe, AZ: Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1998), vol. 6: Worcester Manuscripts

An image of Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 113 is available on Luna at the Bodleian Library (accessed 23 July 2018)



Written in Worcester.

Provenance: Likely to have been in Worcester in the early thirteenth century, when the Tremulous Hand annotated it, and still in Worcester in 1638, as it was referred to as a Worcester manuscript in a letter from Ussher to Spelman dated 6th November 1638 (Oxford, Bodleian, Additional C. 301, fol. 48) (Ker 1957, p. 399).

Acquisition: Belonged to Christopher, Lord Hatton in 1644. Given to the Bodleian Library in 1675. It was then lent to Dr Thomas Marshall and by him to Junius and returned to the Bodleian as part of the Junius collection after his death in 1678. Formerly Junius 22.




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