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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 38

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Large decorated initials, alternately red or blue with pen ornament of the other colour. The text is indented where the large initial appears, and approximately 1/5 of the letter is placed in the margin. Green is used in the large initials at the beginning of each Gospel. They are of s. xii/xiii. Rubrics are sometimes in red, and some capital letters within the text are also coloured.


Missing text (Luke 16.12-17.1) is supplied on fol. 62, which is a supply leaf of s. xvi. Parker's red pencil marks Gospel name and chapter numbers in the upper right hand corners. There were probably also ribbons attached at the beginning of each Gospel: the trace of ribbons are visible, although the ribbons are now lost.

Binding Description: 

s. xviii binding is now disintegrated. Parchment flyleaves are probably medieval.