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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 191

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Old English headings are red and in the script of the hand of the main text. Initials are coloured red, blue or green (Ker 1957, pp. 74-5). Usually every second initial is in red, while the intervening initials alternate between green and blue (Graham 2003, p. 44).


Under Parker, the damaged first leaves were repaired using strips cut from an account roll similar to that which makes up two front endleaves, s. xvi1. Parkerian entries on these strips include pagination in red crayon and transcriptions from damaged parts of some of the chapter titles including one from the Old English list. In place of the lost second leaf of the Quire 1 is a sixteenth-century vellum leaf with a note by Parker commenting on the loss of the chapter titles the original leaf contained. Pasted to the modern paper endleaf that precedes p. 1 are two sixteenth-century strips that were pasted to p. 1. One contains the former Corpus press-mark ('S. 12') and the other contains a Parkerian note commenting that the reference to 318 canons of the holy fathers at the start of Chrodegang's preface refers to the 318 bishops that attended the Council of Nicea (Graham 2003, p. 45).

Binding Description: 

At one time the manuscript was bound with CCCC 201 and CCCC 196. By 1327 CCCC 196 had become detached, as it is listed as a separate item in the Exeter ibrary catalogue. The manuscript was sent for rebinding between 18th and 23rd August 1748 (Graham 2003, pp. 41-43). Rebound at the British Museum in 1926. Full binding in 'blue Levant morocco leather over millboards'. Rosette stamps on the inside surfaces of the covers (Graham 2003, p. 45).

Accompanying Material: 

Endleaves are twentieth-century paper and sixteenth-century vellum (Graham 2003, p. 45).