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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 198

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Titles mainly in metallic red capitals. Initials are a metallic red, occasionally with some ornament, for example ball and crescent. Fol. 128v: One initial is green. Fol. iir: Image of four synoptic gospel writers and SS Peter and Paul. The book in the hand of the lower right character is open, and seems to depict an opening with an illustration on the verso (coloured in a purplish ink) with blue on verso. Other apostles hold closed books, with the left-most apostles holding books with covered hands (the hand in the lower left was originally uncovered and then a sleeve was drawn up over it).

Binding Description: 

Binding of s. xii. Ker (1957) notes that the previous binding (s. xvi) was presumably of dark skin as it is referred to as 'Liber niger' in CCCC 421, p. v and Cleopatra B. xiii, fol. 1v (p. 82).