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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 302

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Ink is very dark brown and occasionally made slightly fuzzy by thick parchment. Titles in red rustic capitals with red and/or purple, or green decorated litterae notabiliores.


Some contemporary and thirteenth-century English glosses (see above).

Numerous later glosses, notes and marginalia in pencil and pale ink:

  • pp. 1, 11, 23, 25, 30: the latter three pages have pencil underlining with crosses in the margins at pp. 23/11-24; 25/8-9, 11-13, 29-31; 29/28-30, possibly by Abraham Wheelock
  • p. 151: pen-trials
  • pp. 159, 161, 189, 213: German and Latin notes on the Lord's Prayer
  • pp. 215, 218 (German), 224.

At p. 215, a sixteenth-century note reads 'id est | that is, | si thin nama gehalgod', corresponding to 'sancti ficetur nomen tuum' in the text.

pp. 1-10 paper flyleaves (sixteenth-century). pp. 1-9 blank except for old pressmark (S. 9) and title; p. 10 contains table of contents.

A Parkerian table of contents occurs on p. 9 and identifies 33 articles (a nineteenth-century[?] hand has added 'Be there halgan clennisse'' with an accompanying asterisk at article 9). The foliation of the table of contents corresponds to the actual manuscript foliation and not to the pagination scheme.

  • Additional Parkerian marking in red crayon occurs on p. 83 (lower right hand corner, 'se hælend cwæð þæt heofon'a' rice')
  • p. 177 (two red crosses in margin; 'læuel' and '˥ þar an' underlined in red)
  • p. 183 (red crayon slash at end of line 27)
  • p. 189 (illegible red crayon note in top margin may indicate that text is missing before p. 189)

Illegible scratched gloss at p. 88/3, margin.

Sixteenth-century: pp. 233-42 the missing text at the end is supplied by an emulative hand.

Binding Description: 

Rebound in light brown leather in 1954.

Accompanying Material: 

pp. i-iv and 249-252 are modern paper flyleaves; pp. v-vi, 1-10 paper of sixteenth-century; pp. 233-242 paper and parchment supply leaves of sixteenth-century; pp. 243-248 parchment flyleaves of sixteenth-century.