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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 383

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Red initials, usually one line to three lines in height (with the exception of the six-line, red, initial I on fol. 23/3-8) introducing items and sub-divisions of items, as described in the individual items.

Red rubrics added by Hand 3a into available line space and margins at the beginning of items and sub-divisions of items throughout the manuscript, as described in the individual items. Although the rubrics are usually associated with points that have had miniaturing on occasion only rubrics or miniaturing are present.


    Although somewhat similar under visible light, the red inks used for rubrication and miniaturing appear different under ultraviolet light.

      • fol 1r/1-4v/13 II, III Edgars. xvi:
      • fol. 12r/21-26 and right margin;Anglo-Norman poem copied into the text-block. s. xiii:
      • fol. 12v/7-10, left margin: locations mentioned in Alfred and Guthrumcopied out. s. xvi:
      • fol. 17v/upper margin: 'ÆLFREDS LAGE CYNINGES' added to upper margin. Uncertain:
      • fol. 24r/lower margin: Latin note in the corner, trimmed at the right edge 'Matildis bey soror magistri Roberti bey de Abbend [xx] '. s. xiii:
      • fol. 26v/upper margin: 'INES LAGE .' added to upper margin. Uncertain:
      • fol. 28v/6, left margin: lettering marking a sub-division in Alfred-Ine.Uncertain:
      • fols 32r/1-37v/26: beginning of I, II Cnut. The contents of this addition have been struck through in red crayon where they overlap with the original item. s. xvi:
      • fol. 38v/4, left margin: lettering marking a sub-division in I, II Cnut.Uncertain:
      • fol. 40v-42v, lower margin: Latin text.s. xiii:
      • fol. 42v, upper margin: Latin note. Uncertain:
      • fol. 42v/4, left margin: lettering marking a sub-division in I, II Cnut.Uncertain.:
      • fol. 53r/17-18, right margin: 'bocland | folcland', trimmed at the margin. s. xvi:
      • fol. 55r, upper margin: 'refiriat'. Possibly s. xvi:
      • fol. 57r/23-26, right margin: locations mentioned in Alfred and Guthrum copied out. s. xvi:
      • fol. 57v/25, left margin: note identifying item as Laws of EdmundUncertain:
      • fol. 60v/13-14, left margin: Latin note. Uncertain:
      • fol. 69r/16, right margin: 'dunmor' and a vertical line. Uncertain:
      • fol. 69r/21-22, right margin: 'pertinet | sancto paulo' in relation to some of the locations in the scipmen lists. xvii:
      • fol. 69r/23-24, right margin: Latin note. s. xvii:
      • Throughout: locations mentiond in items have been underlined. Uncertain:
    Binding Description: 

    1991 from the Cambridge workshop of Desmond Shaw, white alum-tawed pigskin on oak boards (Lucas 2003, p. 75).

    Accompanying Material: 

    Four additional folios added to the beginning of the manuscript, in association with the 1991 binding. A slip of parchment identifying it as '383' and with some of the contents of the manuscript and page numbers listed is affixed to the recto of the fourth of these folios.

    Membrane added at the end of the manuscript following fol. 72 in association with the 1991 binding.