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Cambridge, University Library, Ii. 4. 6

Present Location: 
Ii. 4. 6
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 
  • After fol. 148, the first line of a homily is alternately red and green or red and black.
  • Titles in red rustic capitals. The red is usually metallic up to fol. 156v.
  • Initials are green, red or blue.
Binding Description: 

Rebound in 1928. Marks of nails on fols -7, 311-12 and a label with the title 'Homiliæ Saxon: 34' on fol. 6 suggest that there was once a Parkerian binding (Ker 1957, p. 35).

Accompanying Material: 

Fols (i, ii, 329-30) are paper leaves of the date of binding. Fols 1-6, 8, 304-5, 307, 309-28 are binding leaves and supply leaves, s. xvi, fols 1-3, 6, 311-12 being portions of a 16th-century document, a dispute about the will of William Wiker of Chale (Isle of Wight), of which Richard Tottenham, abbot of Quarr (1508-21) was executor. Other fragments of the same document are in Cambridge, CCC, SP. 438.