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London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian D. xiv

Present Location: 
Vespasian D. xiv
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Frequent decorated initials in red and green to mark main items, sometimes alternating between the two colours, for example;

  • fol. 4r, O and D in red, together with the rubrics;
  • fol. 4v, red A with green infill and additional red splashes on particular graphs within the text;
  • fol. 7r, green M with red lines along the two oblique bars.

Fourteenth-century: pen-trials ('Sciant presentes' 'Domine dominus noster') in margins of fol. 58v; pencil scratches at bas-de-page of fol. 76r. Erased pen-trials in margins of fols 111v, 113v, 116v. Richard James's table of contents appears on fol. 2r and another table of contents appears on fol. 3r.

The manuscript contains later sixteenth-century: annotations in the hands of Robert Talbot, John Joscelyn, and Laurence Nowell.

Binding Description: 

Bound in s. xvii in brown and red leather with shield on front in gold tooling, with green leather on the spine. Number 691 at top, A at bottom. 'Homilies of Abbat AElfric, Saxon, etc.' written in a green square.

Accompanying Material: 

Added flyleaves of a printed edition of a Latin text at the beginning and the end of the manuscript.