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London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius C. iii

Present Location: 
Vitellius C. iii
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Fols 11v, 19r/v of the Herbarium contains full-page colour illustrations, and painted plants are included at the beginning of each section (see, Voigts 1976, pp. 42-55). The plant and animal illustrations are included in the Medicina de quadrupedibus (see, de Vriend 1984, p. xvi).


    Capitals in alternating red and blue (see, Doane 1994, p. 22).


    A fifteenth-century hand annotated Latin plant names, see fol. 21v. Two sixteenth-century hands wrote on fol. 76r 'Richerd Hollond thys boke' and fol. 11r 'elysabet colmore'.

    This Elizabeth Colmore may be the wealthy gentrywoman from the Birmingham Colmore family.

    Binding Description: 

    Rebound in 1977.