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London, Lambeth Palace, 489

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Rubrics are in red rustic capitals.

Binding Description: 

Bound by Lamercroft and Laurence in 1937. The older binding was from s. xvi/xvii (Ker 1957, p. 345).

Accompanying Material: 

A sixteenth-century Parkerian table of contents is on fol. (iii). A second, seventeenth-century, table of contents is on fol. (v) verso.

Both tables of contents omit the fifth homily, and group the last three items together as one (perhaps it was a separate booklet in the sixteenth century?) Foliation in both tables of contents is puzzling, suggesting the manuscript was unbound. The stub of a parchment binding fragment with double-columned Latin text in a Gothic hand is visible between fols (v) and 1 and between fols 63 and 64. The first stub contains three lines of text and the second contains four plus glosses on the recto.


    Three pressmarks: 'J. Ѳ. 24', '8֯ 35' and 'S. 10'.