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According to Ker (1957, p. 308), this manuscript used to contain an Old English donation inscription, as suggested by the note by Samuel Knott on fol. 1: '...extant fragmenta subscripsionis Saxonicæ in laceris extremi folii reliquiis quibus opinor testatum (?) fuit Leofricum eundem donasse'. The section containing Old English is now missing. The inscription might have been on the verso of the final leaf of text, as it is in Auct. F. 1. 15 and CTC B. 11.2.

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  • Title (B.16.10.5): Exeter: Leofric Inscriptions: missing

    Text Language: English


    Ker 1957, p. 236

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    Description by Hollie Morgan and Takako Kato (August 2010).


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    The English inscription is now missing.



    Origin: Written in Exeter.

    Provenance: Given to Exeter Cathedral by Bishop Leofric, probably the Collectaneum in the list of his gifts (Exeter Book, p. 35). Knott passed the manuscript to Robert of Burscough, rector of Totnes, who passed it to Harley on 17th May, 1715.

    Acquisition: Acquired by the British Museum along with the other Harley manuscripts in 1753.




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