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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 155 (1974)

Present Location: 
155 (1974)
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Three- or four-line plain red initials at the beginning of each gospel, with the first line of text in black majuscules. Two-line red initials at the beginning of text sections, and one-line black initials to signal subdivisions. Running titles (e. g. 'SECUNDUM LUCAM'), across openings. Ammonian sections in red and black in left hand margin.


Sixteenth-century: Bifolium (fols ii, iii) inserted by Stephen Batman (1542-1584). Fol. iii(r) carries the inscription 'Stephan batman the tru onor of thys | booke Which coste xx Nouum testa | menti Euangelium Dei Saxonice' and a miniature of an angel. Fol. iii(v) supplies the text missing from the mutilated fol. 1. Batman's script is partly imitative, and uses insular dgr and (sometimes) tall s.

Binding Description: 

Soft bound, s. xvii (?) in polished white leather. Sewn on three thongs. Remains of two pins on upper cover.

Accompanying Material: 

Fols. i, 197 are modern paper flyleaves, contemporary with the binding. Fols. ii, iii are a vellum bifolium introduced into the manuscript by Batman.