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Durham, Cathedral Library, Hunter 100

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Extensive use of red rubrics and capitals, with the use of green, red, blue and violet in items 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14 and 19 (Doane and Rollason 2000, p. 112).

Booklet A, fols 2r-7v: Illustrations of zodiac signs

Booklet B, fol. 43r: A zoomorphic initial 'C' enclosing a scribe

Booklet B, fol. 43r: the title ' CALCULATORIE ARTIS RUDIMenta' appears in red and surrounded by green in a band around the letters

Booklet B, fol. 44r: A master beating his pupil by the slogan 'Afflicitur plagis qui non uult discere gratis'

Booklet C, fols 61v-64v: Illustrations of constellations

Booklet C, fols 66r-67v: intricate charts, one of the movements of the planets, and one of the phases of the moon

fols 119r-120r: Illustrations of 'cautery': the use of hot irons on certain designated parts of the body to treat conditions associated with those parts. Other contemporary manuscripts with the same images include: London, BL, Harley 1585, Sloane 1975, Sloane 2839; Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS D 2 inf.; Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 13002; and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 1462 (The author would like to thank Prof. Monica Green for this information).

fol. 70v: A later medieval hand has added an index figure, a bust of a queen (Philosophia?) pointing

fol. 72r: A pointing hand in the same style as the index figure on fol. 72v has been added

Binding Description: 

Restored seventeenth-century binding.