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Glasgow, University Library, Hunter 229

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Lavishly decorated throughout. The calendar is illustrated by historiated 'KL's, the zodiac signs, and the saints' days are listed in coloured inks. After the calendar are thirteen full-page miniatures 'intended to open the surface of the psalms for further enquiry, even revelation' (Greenland 1997). The Psalms each begin with an historiated or decorated initial, and gilt letters begin every verse (see Gardham 2007 for more detail and images, and University of Glasgow Manuscripts Catalogue for a complete list of illuminations).

Binding Description: 

s. xvii. Millboards, covered crimson morocco, richly gilt-tooled inside margins, edges and sides, panelled back. Entitled 'PSALTERIUM | UETUS | IN MEMBRANIS'.