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London, British Library, Cotton Julius A. ii

Present Location: 
Julius A. ii
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

In Part 2, large initials in red. Tinted capitals in red. Some capitals are ornamental; of particular interest are 'h' fol. 16r, 'h' fol. 16v, 'm' fol. 20r and 'e' fol. 20r. In Part 3, red, purple, yellow, green and/or blue large capitals, and elaborated line fillers in red.


A probably later hand signed the quires in the centre of the foot of the folio: 'G' at the foot of fol. 24r, 'M' at the foot of fol. 64r, 'N' at 72r, 'O' at fol. 80, 'P' at fol. 88r, 'R' at fol. 104r, 'S' at fol. 112r, 'T' at fol. 120r, 'V' at fol. 128r, 'W' at fol. 132r 'X' at fol. 134. The top of 'E' is visible at the foot of fol. 16r. There is also a 'B' at the bottom right of 133r, a 'C' in the same place on 134r, and a 'D' on 135r.

Binding Description: 

Nineteenth-century binding.