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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 115 (5135)

Present Location: 
115 (5135)
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Fols 1-64, 66-139a: decorated initials in green and in red. Capital letters beginning sentences and titles are in red. Red is also used for the first line of text on fols 58r, 59v, 60r, 61v, 63r, 66r, as is the title on fol. 70v. Occasional pen decoration in red on the 'AMEN' at the end of sermons (Franzen 1998, p. 45-46).

Fol. 65: Red decorated initials and capitals.

Fols 148-155 Red decorated initials.


On fol. ivr, a sixteenth-century inscription, now erased, says 'Liber ecclesie Wygorn'. On fol. 82v, on the bottom margin, a seventeenth century hand wrote 'Deficit .2. fol', and a different hand added 'De virginibus' in the upper margin of fol. 83r. On fol. vr, a hand writes 'Saxon Homiles tom:2'; the same hand added other headings in some Hatton manuscripts (Franzen 1998, p. 45-46 and Ker 1957, p. 403).

Binding Description: 

Brown leather binding, s. xvii/xviii. There are rust marks on fols iv, v, 155 perhaps from the strap-and-pin fastening on the medieval binding. Ker (1957) notes that the manuscript was bound at the same time as Hatton 20Hatton 76 and Hatton 116, probably soon after they were obtained by the Bodleian Library (pp. 16-17).