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Oxford, St John's College, 17 + BL, Cotton, Nero C. vii, fols 80-84

Present Location: 
17 + BL, Cotton, Nero C. vii, fols 80-84
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

The colours used in the manuscript are pink, red, yellow, celadon green, dark green, pale blue, cream, golden brown and dark brown. Single colour calligraphic majuscules, sometimes with foliate or geometrical ornament, are used as initials or display capitals. Tables, diagrams and figuarae have coloured and decorated frames. The calendar contains representations of Aquarius (fol. 16r), Pisces (fol. 16v), Gemini (fol. 18r) and Leo (fol. 19r). Fol. 27v has a crowned or mitred figure, seated and holding a cup, which Wallis 2007: 'Description' suggests might be Annus. Visible under ultra-violet light are a sketch of Libra in drypoint (fol. 20r) and a praying knight in the outer margin of fol. 36r. For a detailed description of the decoration see Wallis 2007: 'Decoration'.

Binding Description: 

Seventeenth-century binding: black leather over medieval boards, probably those used in the thirteenth-century binding (Hanna and Griffiths 2002, pp. 32-33). Covers have metal corner-plates, roughly square, with bosses surrounded by crown stamping. The front cover has a central metal boss and is surrounded by a gold-stamped centrepiece. There are two clasps on the back cover and grooves for straps on the front cover, but the straps are missing. The shelfmark '17' is written in gold at the head of the spine and 'old' has been written on the leading edges. Single stamped and gilt fillet. The bookplate of St John's College is attached to the front pastedown. It was probably rebound after Cotton had removed the five leaves, as the two stubs that remain are almost invisible in the tight binding (Wallis 2007: 'Description'Wallis 2007: 'Materials and Structure').