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Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Lat. 8846

Present Location: 
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Rubrics to the Psalm in red, and the titles to the Psalms also in red 'Gall.', 'Rom.' or 'Ebr.'. Historiated initials on fols 93r, 94r, 97r, 98v, 100r, 103v, 106r, 107v, 108v, 111r, 113r, 117r, 120v, 121v, 126r, 131r, 145r, 146r, 149r, 150v, 152r, 154r, 156v, 161r, 169v, 170v, 173v. Use of gold and animal imagery are present on fols 124r (a dragon), 5r and 6r (Pulsiano and Hussey 2008, p. 113-4). The programme of illustration is not completed on fols 51r (erased), 72v (a dry point drawing). Illustrations have been started by an English artist s. xii2 for Psalms 1-39 on fols 10r-70r, Psalms 42-44 on fols 75r, 76r, 78v, psalm 48 on fol. 86v, Psalms 50-51 on fols 90v, 92r, using mainly blues, browns, pinks, sometimes green and gold. A second artist, probably a certain Master of San Marcos (named as Ferrer Bassa and his team of painters (Moleiro 2004, p. 11), completed the decorations to Psalms 40-41, fols 72v, 73v, Psalms 45-47, fols 80v, 81v), Psalm 49, fol. 88v, Psalms 52-92, fols 93r-174r (Delisle 1863-74; Meiss 1941, pp. 73-77; Sclafer et al. 1997, p. 39; Leroquais 1940-41, 2, 78-91).


A paper flyleaf at the front bears the shelfmark 'Suppl. Lat. 1194' and the note 'Volume de 174 Feuillets | plus les Feuillets A. B. préliminaires | Le Feuillet B est blanc | 16 October 1873'.

Binding Description: 

Napoleonic binding made in 1809 by P. LeFebvre (Sclafer and Laffitte et al. 1997).