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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 113 (5210)

Present Location: 
113 (5210)
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Franzen 1998 (p. 27), notes:

  • Fols 1-144v: headings in red rustic capitals, initials green or metallic red, usually alternating, and once blue. 
  • Calendar (fol. iiv): lines, headings and capitals in red apart from one line and one capital in blue.
  • Fols iiir-viiiv: headings, initials, capitals and some entries in red, green and blue. Capitals sometimes filled with red, green or blue.
  • Computus tables (fols ixr-xir): lines, headings and initials in red and green, but five large capitals on fol. x verso are blue and only red is used on fol. xi recto.
  • Table of contents (fol. xiv): numbers, headings, initials and lines in red and green
Binding Description: 

Pollard 1975 describes the binding as: '256 x 168 mm. Whittawed sheepskin over oak boards. Sewn on four bands of thong including the head- and tail-bands. The thongs are rather wide (13mm unsplit). Tabs at the head and tail of the spine. Traces of head and pin fastening. The bands enter tunnels and are pegged into grooves entirely on the inside of the boards. Bound (or entirely rebound) possibly at Worcester, about A.D. 1200 more than a hundred years after it was written' (p. 157). Ker (1957, p. 399) notes that 'Sermones anglice XX can be read on the spine [...] where, however, letters have been retouched'.

Accompanying Material: 

In the sixteenth century the inscription 'Liber Ecclesiæ Wygorn' was added in the top margin of fol. iir and subsequently erased. The manuscript was annotated by John Joscelyn and was a source for his Anglo-Saxon glossaries in London, Lambeth Palace 692, fol. 37.