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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Hatton 114 (5134)

Present Location: 
114 (5134)
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Headings are in red metallic rustic capitals. Franzen reports that 'the first line of a text is also in metallic red; sometimes [...] in rustic capitals filled with green. Initials are metallic red, blue and green, except in the first quire (fols 1-8) where they are red or metallic red' (Franzen 1998, p. 35).

Binding Description: 

Rebound in the nineteenth century. Binding leather and very fragile.

Accompanying Material: 

Joscelyn wrote a gloss on fol. 18v and marginalia on fols 36v, 42v and 49r, but he did not draw on Hatton 114 for his Anglo-Saxon word lists. Dugdale wrote a table of contents on fol. 248 in 1644. 'Saxon | Homilies tom: 1' is written in the upper margin of fol. 1r in the same hand as one which adds titles to other Hatton manuscripts. In the lower margin a different hand has written 'MS. Junius | 22'. This is now crossed out, and 'Hatton 114' is written in pencil alongside it in a modern hand.