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Cambridge, University Library, Hh. 1. 10

Present Location: 
Hh. 1. 10
Medieval Provenance: 
Decoration Description: 

Coloured initials: Large initials are mostly in either red or metallic red, and are two or three lines high. They are either placed in the left margin, or the main text is indented slightly so that one-third of the letter will be placed in the text. The initials in other colours are:


Incipits and chapter numbers: Mostly in red or metallic red. Some of the letters are dark silver.

Capital letters: Often in red or metallic red.

    • Black: fol. 1r, 'E'.
    • Green: fols 2r and 3v, 'S' and 'P'.

s. xiii/xiv: Ornamental 'I' in brown ink on fol. 71v (beside text corresponding to Zupitza 1966, p. 233, lines 2-11) serves no purpose in the text.

Early modern catchwords in pencil on bottom last verso of each quire.

Binding Description: 

The present binding is of 1969 from the binding shop of Douglas Cockerell & Son of Grantchester. The cover is brown, and the title of the book and the manuscript number, 'AELFRIC GRAMMATIC Hh. I. 11', are given in gold letters on the spine of the book.

Ker records a s. xviii binding like that of CUL. Ii. 1. 33. The current binding incorporates the pastedown from an earlier binding, being a page from a s. xviprinting of Paulus de Sancta Maria, bishop of BurgosScrutinum Scripturarum (Paris, Anthonius Bonne Mere, colophon is dated 1472; but it was actually printed c. 1515). It also has the CUL seal, with number '5412'.


    There are binding strips or guards around every quire, with leaf 8 of Quire 1 (fol. 7) and leaf 1 of Quire 12 (fol. 88) attached by them, while fols iii-vi occur in a single binding strip.

    Accompanying Material: 

    Marginalia in the hand of Robert Talbot (d. 1558) are throughout, showing a special interest in place-names. His note on fol. 93v, 'Vide librum de legibus anglorum et danorum' refers probably to CCCC 383, which he possed or at least used.

    Other marginalia are by Joscelyn. See, for example, the marginalia on fol. 11r where the larger hand is Talbot and the smaller one Joscelyn.

    On fol. 41v there is a marginal annotation by Parker.